Training vehicle electric (e-up!)

Electude E-LearningVolkswagen E-Up converted into a training vehicle, operation on public roads is not permitted. Didactically valuable selection of learning situations and diagnostic options with 16 or 30 fault switches and over 150 measuring points and 70 Pin-Outs. The measuring boxes are designed in a sturdy metal housing with handles and emergency stop. High voltage test sockets carry the actual voltage, but are greatly reduced in current.

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This purely electric training vehicle is fully functional and ideal for troubleshooting and diagnostic work. In addition, it enables students to learn various measurements, tests and diagnostic procedures on the components of the high-voltage system, such as the electric drive, comfort system, high-voltage battery and others. The training vehicle is based on a Volkswagen e-up!

  • At a glance
  • Characteristics
  • Fully functional, prepared training vehicle
  • Didactically valuable selection of errors and measuring points with a total of 22 or 39 faults and over 150 measuring points
  • Measurements and fault circuits - also in the field of equipotential bonding and insulation testing
  • Measuring boxes in sturdy metal housing with handles and emergency stop as well as printed circuit diagram
  • High voltage test sockets carry the actual voltage, but are greatly reduced in current
  • Access to all high-voltage measuring points behind lockable transparent protective cover
  • All measuring sockets with additional numbering and colour coding for easy differentiation between low and high voltage range
  • Long cables allow the measuring boxes to be used on a side table next to the vehicle

  • Equipment
  • Integrated fault circuits
  • Fault box for rear (drive / battery / charging): 30 switches (39 faults) or 16 switches (22 faults), depending on the desired version
  • Integrated measuring possibilities
  • Front breakout box: 75 x low voltage measuring points (29 of which with bridge plug) / 17 x high voltage measuring points / emergency stop
  • Rear breakout box: 55 x low-voltage measuring points (45 of which with bridge plug) / 10 x high-voltage measuring points / 5 x charging plug measuring points / emergency stop
  • 70 Pin-Outs in 4mm version on components, thereof 10 x high voltage measuring points
  • Supplementary equipment
  • Digital work orders Training Vehicle Electric (Item No. 79406102)
  • High voltage accessory set universal (Item No. 38660050)
  • Metrahit H+E Car-Set (Item No. 16162150)
  • VCDS Diagnostic System (Item No. 38079135)

Please note that the work orders are based on the assumption that the trainer is certified as an expert for "working under voltage" (in the sense of BG 8686) and can supervise all work steps of the trainee. Responsibility for the use of this training system lies in all cases with the training provider and course leader. Emergency stop switches are installed in the vehicle with which all voltage-carrying parts of the HV system can be switched off.

Category: Drive Technology
Item number: 79406100
EQF-Level‍: Level 2Level 3Level 4
E-Learning‍: Electude
Keyword‍: E-Mobility
Product weight‍: 1.150,00 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 354,00 164,50 148,10 cm
PDF Manual‍: 184 pages