Mobile charging unit Type2 NRGkick 32A 5m

Easy, fastest possible charging at all sockets and charging points, portable, WLAN + Bluetooth included, free app & cloud, temperature monitoring and overheating protection. Maximum charging current up to 32 amps - corresponds to maximum charging power of up to 22kW. Plug attachment type E+F "Schuko" 13A (EU), plug attachment 32A 5Pol.

Turns any socket into a safe charging station! With NRGkick, all e-cars with a Type 2 interface can be charged at the maximum possible AC charging speed (up to 22 kW). Compared to the "emergency charging cable" for household sockets, this means charging is up to 10 times faster. All functions at a glance:

  • Bluetooth and WLAN connection
  • 3-phase charging
  • Automatic plug recognition & recognition of maximum charging current
  • Theft and tamper protection
  • Free NRGkick APP
  • Capacitive touch field
  • Residual current protection included (AC, DC, +6 MA)
  • Adjustable charging current
  • Mobile charging station can be used anywhere
  • Most compact dimensions
  • Up to 22 kW charging power
  • Integrated current measurement
  • Integrated energy measuring unit
  • VDE-certified, CE-compliant
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Item number: 15058100
Keyword‍: E-Mobility