Generator with transistor controller

Immediately ready for use and fully functional vehicle generator. Mounted on slide for use with T-Varia generator drive unit. The integrated measuring box contains the separate regulator with 6 x measuring and connection sockets (D+, DF, D-), as well as the outgoing phases U, V, W with 6 x measuring and connection sockets.

Fully functional original vehicle generator with transistor controller ready for immediate use.

  • At a glance
  • Features
  • Original vehicle generator prepared for training purposes
  • Mounted on slide with quick-change mount and locking pin
  • Quick-change coupling on drive shaft
  • 2 x large handles for easy handling
  • Didactically prepared documents with worksheets and the associated solutions
  • Learning content
  • Function of the generator, function of the regulator, function of the electrical circuit
  • Operating situations with excitation current, charging current and load current
  • Battery charging with the generator
  • Loading the generator, three-phase generator test
  • Naming electrical and electronic components, assemblies and systems
  • Measure and assess electrical quantities and signals
  • Equipment
  • Vehicle generator with transistor controller for use with "T-Varia basic generator equipment" 11035040
  • Break-Out Box with 12 x connectors in 4mm safety version
  • Interruption controller contacts D+, DF, D-
  • Interruption of the internal diodes at U, V, W optionally enables external rectification of the current with system panel "T-Varia rectification" 11035060
  • Fixed positive and negative leads in safety design

Category: Others and Accessories
Item number: 11035120
EQF-Level‍: Level 2Level 3
Power Supply‍: 12 V vehicle battery
PDF Manual‍: 66 - 110 pages