Electromechanical power steering

Functional model of an original electromechanical power steering. Steering angle, current consumption and torque can be tested or displayed in the measured value blocks using standard workshop diagnostic systems via the OBD interface. In order to partially increase the steering forces, a resistance pressure box is mounted. The system has a control panel with ignition switch and OBD interface. A vehicle battery must be provided for the power supply.

With this training stand of an original electromechanical power steering you will examine and demonstrate all functions in a comprehensible way. The drive pinion is cut open to make the movements and components visible. 6 different errors can be applied. A conventional vehicle battery is required for operation.

  • An overview
  • Features
  • Demonstration of how different situations work
  • Display of the required effort with and without support (resistance pressure box)
  • Error circuit: 6 switches / 12 error - measurements and diagnosis
  • Didactically prepared documents with worksheets and the corresponding solutions
  • learning content
  • Function of the electromechanical power steering
  • Working with circuit diagrams, understanding and diagnosis of the electrical circuit and electronic control system
  • Active return to straight-ahead running, demand-oriented power consumption to reduce fuel consumption
  • Work with standard workshop diagnostic systems. Readout of measured value blocks for steering angle, current consumption and torque
  • .
  • Fault simulation, diagnosis and measurements. CAN data bus communication between the control unit for steering column electronics
  • Naming of electrical and electronic components, assemblies and systems
  • Measurement and evaluation of electrical quantities and signals
  • Equipment
  • High-quality equipment trolley made of aluminium profile, mobile.
  • Original electromechanical power steering, double drive pinions cut open and protected behind Plexiglas, original instrument cluster
  • Worktop, control panel with ignition switch and OBD interface
  • Vehicle speed and motor speed adjustable
  • Error circuit with 6 x toggle switch, measuring sockets (pin-outs) in 4mm design on all components
  • Resistance pressure box - to partially increase the steering forces
  • Voltage supply with vehicle battery
Category: Safety and Comfort
Item number: 79300205
EQF-Level‍: Level 2Level 3
Power Supply‍: 12 V vehicle battery
Product weight‍: 50,00 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 102,00 95,00 145,00 cm
PDF Manual‍: 56 pages