Automotive Bus Systems Basics Trainer

Electude E-LearningInnovative laboratory trainer for the basics of vehicle bus systems. Serial communication allows the same switch to control different outputs via a single line. Set addresses for the control units and send free messages. 3 x transmitter switch, 8 x data switch, 16 x address switch, transmitter unit, receiving unit, 8 x 12 V outputs, 12 x LEDs in printed vehicle, cable set. 2 x laboratory front panels with console housing for use on the table or in A4 desk frames. Detailed documentation and extensive worksheets for teachers and students.

This laboratory trainer is ideally suited to initiate the transition from conventional circuits to networked systems. The magic to control with the same switch, on only a single line, several lights - impressively shows the underlying principle. Insert addresses determined for the control units and send free messages. At the outputs connect existing lighting-units or use the built-in LED lights.

  • At a glance
  • Features
  • Two transmitting and receiving units, each unit can be freely assigned to communicate using a 4-bit address
  • Each transmitter units can send 4-bit user-defined messages by the push of a button, either individually or simultaneously
  • Messages on the bus line can be measured with an oscilloscope and recorded
  • Outputs with power relays for use of automotive lights
  • Use standard workshop measuring instruments, oscilloscope
  • 28 x connectors in 4mm safety version
  • Educational documents with tasks and worksheets and associated solutions
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction to networked systems in modern vehicles
  • Bus systems and topology
  • Serial communication, information packets addresses and data blocks, processing
  • Data in binary mode, the binary system, conversion of values, bit significance, addresses
  • Conversion of binary values in hexadecimal address assignments
  • Collisions of data packets
  • Using the oscilloscope, identify and interpret messages
  • Control vehicle lighting in different situations by sending different messages to their respective receivers using one single cable
  • Equipment
  • Laboratory trainer in console housing for use on the table or in A4 supporting frame
  • 3 x switch for sending, 8 x data switches, 16 x address switches
  • 1 x transmitter unit with transparent window, 1 x receiver unit with transparent window with 8 LED’s
  • 8 x outputs, suitable for 12 V
  • 12 x LED’s in imprinted vehicle, alternatively usable as automotive lamps
  • detailed documentation and extensive worksheets for teachers and students

Category: Lab-Trainers
Item number: 12031000
EQF-Level‍: Level 2Level 3
E-Learning‍: Electude
Power Supply‍: 10 - 15 V DC (3 A)
Keyword‍: Networked Systems
Shipping weight‍: 6,50 Kg
Product weight‍: 4,20 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 29,70 66,50 10,00 cm
PDF Manual‍: 57 pages