T-Varia Wiper

Price on application
With this topic plate, you can upgrade your T-Varia system with a conventional front windshield wiper system. The system is an ideal addition to the basic analog equipment and treats rotary-rotor electric motors with levers, wash-interval relays and washing pump. The plate can also be operated individually.
Delivery time 6 - 8 weeks

This module panel expands your T-Varia system to a conventional windshield wiper system. The system is an ideal complement to your analog basic equipment and deals with rotary electric motors with gear lever, wipe-wash interval relay and washer pump. The panel can also be operated individually.

  • At a glance
  • Features
  • Connect all original automotive components according to the wiring diagram
  • Terminal designations according to DIN 72552, with schematic print
  • Conventional two-stage wiper with transmission and lever
  • Use standard workshop measuring devices
  • 28 x connectors in 4mm safety design, 4 x with a bridge plug, for wiring and for measuring
  • Educational documents with tasks and worksheets and associated solutions
  • Learning Objectives
  • Read and use vehicle wiring diagrams
  • Connecting circulating electric motors and control via relay interval
  • Switching of two speeds and parking position
  • Identify electrical and electronic components, assemblies and systems
  • Testing and maintenance of electrical and electronic circuits
  • Selecting and using electrical measuring and testing devices
  • Measurement and evaluation of electrical values and signals
  • Documenting work results and evaluate by comparing with calculated values ??and manufacturer specifications
  • Equipment
  • T-Varia system panel 956mm x 250mm x 6mm, suitable for T-Varia trolley
  • Design with colored digital print behind 2mm thick plexiglass, schematics and symbols, two chrome-plated handles for easy handling, as well as backside cover
  • 1 x original wiper motor with lever mechanism and model of the wiper arm
  • 1 x two-stage wiper switch, 1 x wipe-wash interval relay
  • 1 x wipe-washing pump, 1 x pushbutton

Category: Electrics and Electronics
Item number: 11020050
EQF-Level‍: Level 2
Power Supply‍: 13,8 V DC (40 A)
Product weight‍: 9,00 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 96,00 25,00 25,00 cm