T-Varia Engine Control Unit

Electude E-LearningThis system panel is the heart of the modular engine management system and is equipped with a programmable engine control unit. This allows the alternative operation of an MPI, FSI or TDI controller by means of a switch. Colour coding of the measuring sockets: minus 5 volts (blue), plus 5 volts (yellow), signals (white), pulse 12 volts (red), minus 12 volts (black). Didactic arrangement: inputs on top, outputs on bottom. All engine management signals can be displayed graphically on the integrated 10" touch screen display. For example: values of sensors, speed, power supply, etc. 72 x connections in 4mm safety design for wiring and measurement, 2 x with 6mm for the supply. 1 x fuse box, 1 x ignition lock, 2 x control lamps

This module panel is the central part of the T-Varia Starter Set Engine Management. This unit can be used in conjunction with the "Engine Sensors", "Engine Drive Unit" and one of the engine actuator panels "MPI, FSI or TDI" and integrated into the system.

  • Overview
  • Features
  • Connecting of all original automotive components according to the wiring diagram
  • Programmable control unit with operating mode switch
  • Selective operation of a MPI, FSI or TDI controller
  • Color coding of the connections: Minus 5 Volt (blue), Plus 5 Volt (yellow), Signals (white), Pulse 12 Volt (red) , Minus 12 Volt (black)
  • Didactic arrangement: Inputs up, outputs down
  • All important signals and data are shown "live" on the integrated 10 inch touch screen display. By wiping, you can choose between 4 different screens/compositions
  • 72 x Connections in 4mm safety version for wiring and measuring, 2 x with 6mm for supply
  • Extensive digital worksheets available for Electude E-Learning system *
  • Learning content
  • Working with schematics
  • Identify electrical and electronic components, assemblies and systems
  • Select and use electrical measuring and testing equipment
  • Measurement and evaluation of electrical values and signals
  • Documenting work results and evaluating them by comparing them with calculated values and manufacturer specifications
  • Equipment
  • T-Varia system panel 956mm x 250mm x 6mm, suitable for T-Varia trolley
  • Design with colored digital print behind 2mm thick plexiglass, schematics and symbols, two chrome-plated handles for easy handling, as well as backside cover
  • Engine control unit with selector switch for MPI, FSI, TDI
  • Fuse box, ignition lock, 2 x indicator lights for ignition / fault

Category: T-Varia Connect
Item number: 11042050
EQF-Level‍: Level 2Level 3
E-Learning‍: Electude
Power Supply‍: 13,8 V DC (40 A)
Keyword‍: Motormanagement
Product weight‍: 8,50 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 96,00 25,00 25,00 cm
PDF Manual‍: 14 / 105 pages