T-Box Vernier Caliper

Electude E-LearningThe vernier caliper box consists of the box and the optional associated E-learning.

Practiced handling of mechanical measuring devices, such as calipers, is still one of the basic skills of an automotive mechatronics engineer. It is therefore important to learn this basic skill in a didactically well prepared course. The trainees are accompanied by the work orders for the caliper gauge box and are introduced to measuring practice in a well-founded way.

The training box contains a ruler, a caliper gauge and three test objects (test pieces). In combination with the optional digital work orders, the trainees can independently learn the most common methods for measuring internal and external dimensions. Electudes digital learning units combine photorealistic graphics, texts and evaluation questions.

Category: Start
Item number: 18010010
EQF-Level‍: Level 2
E-Learning‍: Electude
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 17,10 26,50 7,10 cm
PDF Manual‍: 30 pages