System orange - Interrupter box

The comfortable error box. Can be closed with universal connectors and cover. Interruption by bridge connector. Addition of: transition and load resistance, short circuit

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The universal measuring system on the vehicle - also suitable for retrofitting existing vehicles and functional engines.
The connection to control units via connection adapters enables the workshop-oriented testing with pin boxes on all modern and complex electronic systems in the vehicle (e.g. engine electronics, chassis, drive and comfort electronics etc.).
In this system, all contacts connected to the control unit are connected 1:1 according to the original wiring diagram to the fault or breaker box and to the pin box. This allows measurements and fault circuits to be carried out at all control unit inputs and outputs according to the original wiring diagram.


  • Practical measurement with the aid of the original circuit diagram
  • Practical error switching. For breaker box with contact resistance, load resistance and short circuit at all control unit contacts
  • Versions: 100, 150 or 200 PIN
  • Connection of up to 12 pin boxes simultaneously as student test stations possible
  • Connection adapters are equipped with universal connectors. This means that you can use all your vehicles and engines, including future ones, with just one fault or breaker box.

A complete measuring system consists of at least

  • Interrupter box 100, 150 or 200 pin with support mask
  • Adapter cable suitable for the desired control unit and interrupter box
  • Pin box, connected to interrupter box via intermediate cable with support mask

Error circuit

  • The error circuit is made between the control unit and the component. In the case of an error circuit, the voltages applied to the control unit are measured at the measuring sockets on the control unit.
  • The vehicle-specific diagnostic testers can be used to evaluate measured values with error circuitry.
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