Digital work orders T-Varia Trailer

Practical assignments (basic) 73 minutes


T-Varia Connect with the trailer addition is ideal for the assembly of a lighting system with the aid of separate components.

Basic electrical Trainer (basic), 2 h 33 min
After going through the practical assignments you will be able to: Identify the terminal numbers of the tow bar, Identify the various lighting of the trailer, Identify the various sockets for the tow bar, Read the diagram of the tow bar, Connect the socket of the tow bar.

Preliminary theory with T-Varia Trailer (basic), 80 min.*
  • Lighting - basics
  • Light sources - basics
Practical assignments with T-Varia Trailer (basic), 73 min.
  • T-Varia Trailer: Trailer lighting - basics

License: You purchase a license for any number of students and teachers with a period of validity of 10 years. This can be extended individually after. The software will be activated on your Electude e-learning domain.

* Separate license may apply for the Preliminary theory.

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