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Practical assignments (basic) 93 minutes


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Lubricating oil is used to reduce the friction between moving parts of the motor. In order to optimise the life of the motor a lubricating oil must have the proper viscosity under all temperatures. In this course you will learn what viscosity means and how to distinguish various lubricating oils.

T-Box Viscosity (basic), 2 h 49 min
After going through the practical assignments you will be able to: Identify the properties of viscosity. Determine the viscosity on the basis of the ball drop time. Explain what the effect of temperature is on viscosity. Determine the types of lubricating oil.

Preliminary theory with Viscosity-Box (basic), 1 h 16 min*
  • Engine oil EU - advanced
  • Lubricating oil: properties - advanced
Practical assignments for Viscosity-Box (basic), 1 h 33 min
  • T-Box Viscosity - basics

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* Separate license may apply for the Preliminary theory.

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