VW petrol engine with transmission

The cutaway, an original engine of a VW Golf with clutch and transmission, is fixed on a mobile rack. The engine with all units is driven slowly by means of an electric motor and a battery.



  • the transmission can be shifted into any gear
  • the starter can be engaged and disengaged by means of an ignition lock
  • the clutch can be actuated
  • by stopping one drive shaft, it can be shown how the differential works. This model can easily be moved into the classroom. It can be used for many teaching units and thus can replace many single models.

Parts cut in this model: the four cylinders, one piston, four valves with bucket tappets and valve gear, ignition distributor, generator, fuel pump, carburetor, oil pump, clutch, transmission and differential gear, water pump with thermostat, starter

Category: Engine Technology
Item number: 79001001