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The PicoScope 4000 Series oscilloscopes are designed to save you time and money by making fault diagnosis easier and faster on today's modern automobiles. With features such as high resolution and accuracy, a large buffer memory and a high-speed USB port, the PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes offer unrivalled performance and are suitable for use in the most demanding automotive applications.

A major innovation on the 4225/4425 are the independent floating inputs; think of it as 2/4 separate 1-channel oscilloscopes in a box all sharing the same timebase and control. This means that all inputs can be used in differential mode (e.g. CAN_H and CAN_L signals), or across non-grounded components such as 12V injectors or for voltage drop testing using a single input. (Maximum 30V common mode voltage difference between channel grounds.)
Category: Measurement Equipment
Item number: 16152000