Set of safety connecting cables 4mm T-Varia Motormanagement

Complete cable set of highly flexible cables in 4mm safety design in suitable colours and lengths. Cable cross section 2.5 qmm. Additionally for power supply unit connection: 1 x 6mm square black, 1 x 6mm square red

  • 58 highly flexible cables in corresponding colors with 4mm spring plug in matching colors and lengths in safety version. Cable cross-section of 2.5 mm², maximum amperage 32 A.
  • 2 x cables with 6.0 mm² cable cross-section with plug and fork connection, 120 cm long, maximum amperage 54 A, to connect the control panel to the power supply.
  • Several cable ties with velcro fastener
Category: Others and Accessories
Item number: 11035180
Product weight‍: 2,50 Kg