OBD-Breakout-Box - CAN-Testbox

Instantly check power and ground circuits, Identify communication link protocols, Connect an oscilloscope for signal capture and collection of signal waveform data

The CAN Test Box is a diagnostic tool which connects to the 16 pins of a vehicles OBDII (On Board Diagnostics) connector and lets you easily diagnose electrical faults.

How it works

The CAN Test Box uses numbered backlit LEDs which illuminate when signal data is present on the corresponding pin of the DLC (Data Link Connector) which all modern vehicles are equipped with.
Depending on the configuration of the vehicle, this enables you to check the electric circuits, grounding and the quality of the CAN bus signal. The CAN Test Box terminal pin ports are accessible with standard 4 mm jacks, which are backlit, showing the state of the single OBDII connector pins. By means of the supplied measuring leads you can connect your PicoScope oscilloskope or another suitable oscilloscope to the CAN Test Box, in order to check any kind of present signals, i.e. CAN high and CAN low signals. If you own a Pico Automotive Diagnosis Kit, you only need to select the test ‚€œCAN Bus‚€ and the software program will display the CAN signals correctly on the computer screen. Pulsing LEDs indicate signals being pulled high/low.

The LEDs indicate the following signals:

  • LED 1/9 - 485A/485B (Manufacturer‚€™s proprietary information)
  • LED 2/10 - Bus+ Line J1850/Bus- Line J1850
  • LED 3/8/12/13 - future upgrade
  • LED 4 - Chassis GND (GROUND)
  • LED 5 - Signal GND (SIGNAL)
  • LED 6/14 - CAN High of SAE J2284/CAN Low of SAE J2284
  • LED 7/15 K Line of ISO9141-2 and keyword 2000485A/L Lineof ISO9141-2 and keyword 2000
  • LED 11 - Clock
  • LED 16 Batt+ (Voltage supply)

The CAN Test Box includes a 2.5 metre (8.2 feet) cable so that you can work in a convenient location away from the diagnostic connector, and an additional pass-through connector so that you can hook up your scan tool at the same time as your scope. The box is powered by the diagnostic connector, so no batteries or mains adaptor are needed.
A CD-ROM is included with a training program and a detailed manual showing how to connect the unit to the vehicle and to the scope, and which signals are likely to be found on which pins of the connector.

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