Adapter BNC to 4mm

The BNC to 4 mm adapter connects two 4 mm plugs to a BNC socket.

The BNC to 4 mm adapter connects two 4 mm†plugs to a BNC socket.

If you have a sensor such as a current clamp with 4 mm plug outputs, for example, this adapter allows you to plug it into a Pico PC Oscilloscope with a BNC input.The 4 mm sockets and BNC plug are fully shrouded for safety.

Technical Data:
Maxiumum voltage: 500 V CAT I
Maximum current: 3 A
Maximum resistance: 0.8 mő©
Material:Polyamide insulators (-20 ¬įC to +80 ¬įC), brass Ni ground contacts, brass Au / Co conductor
Length:63 mm (about 2.5 in)
Width: 34 mm (about 1.4 in)
Height: 18.5 mm (about 0.8 in)
Weight: 24 g (about 1 oz)

Category: Measurement Equipment
Item number: 16162117