A/C Service Station R134a

A fully automated station: a simple touch of a button and all the operations are carried out sequentially. Also available with external diagnosis.


  • Simplified refrigerant management: by printing out a service report at the end of each recharging session it is possible to visualize the residual refrigerant available in the bottle and consequently keep accurate track of all the
    operations performed with refrigerant.
  • Software for automatic flushing of standard aic systems.for use with aekl 02-n7.
  • Guided leak test: the operator may program a holding time after vacuum to allow for visual leak check on the pressure gauges.
  • Distributor group: internal, patented, optimized for maximum performance and reliability.
  • Basic data base: supplied as standard equipment an integrated coded data bank for an immediate consultation of
    vehicle air conditioning system refrigerant quantity data.
  • Thermal printer: as standard equipment.
  • Pressure gauges: class 1

Automatic functions

  • recovery- recycling
  • usedoil discharge
  • programmable vacuum
  • automatic oil refill: the machine determines the quantity, of oil extracted and reintegrates the same quantity.
  • ļ€­refrigerant chargin
  • bodle heater:automatic.
  • service alarm, acoustic andvisual, alerting maintenance and filter replacement.
  • sensor for bottle temperature.

Manual functions

  • discharge of non-condensable gases

Technical Data

  • Refrigerant type R134a
  • Service procedure Fully automaticor manual
  • Voltage 220V-240V50/60 Hz
  • Scale resolution 10g
  • Oilscale resolution 5g
  • Operatingtemp. range 11/49Ā°C
  • Filtersystem 2 filters for humidity andacidity
  • Vacuum pump Capacity 92 I/min, 0.1 mbar vacuum
  • Sealed compressor 12 cc,high pressure
  • Recovery speed 300g/min inliquid phase
  • Refrigerant bottle 12 liters, rechargeable
  • Hoses 3meters
  • Dimensions 550 x 600 x 970 mm
  • Weight: 80 kg

Manufacturer: Launch

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Item number: 12061210