Training Vehicle Driving Assistance

Fully functional training model based on VW Golf 7 (Euro 6). Prepared for training purposes, error-free, with numerous assistance systems such as ACC, lane keeping assistant, parking aid, etc.

This training vehicle for driver assistance systems is fully functional and ideally suited for troubleshooting and diagnostic work. It enables students to learn various measurements, tests and diagnostic procedures on the ECUs, sensors and other components. The training vehicle is based on a Volkswagen Golf 7.

  • Overview
  • Features
  • Fully functional, prepared training vehicle
  • Prepared for training purposes, easy access to all essential components
  • Control unit error-free , complete with assistance systems, air conditioning, ABS/ESP system, CAN network, SRS AIRBAG system (inactive) etc.
  • Circuit diagrams, detailed documentation on fault switching and diagnosis
  • Equipment
  • 40 fault switches for diagnosing faults in, among other things:

    - Blind Spot Detection,
    - Front Camera,
    - Window Heating,
    - Distance Control,
    - Parking Aid,
    - High Beam Assistant,
    - Steering Aid,
    - Parking Light,
    - Gateway,
    - Air Conditioning,
    - Brake Light,
    - Steering Column Electronics,
    - Parking Sensors,
    - Parking Assistant,
    - CAN-Bus Comfort,
    - LIN-Bus,
    - CAN-Bus Diagnosis,
    - CAN-Bus Extended
  • 232 measuring sockets with116 jumper plugs are available as measuring options in the breakout box comfort control unit / gateway. Additional pin-outs are provided on all components and control units of the error circuit.
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Item number: 79405555
EQF-Level‍: Level 2Level 3Level 4
Keyword‍: Networked Systems Driver assistance
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 450,00 180,00 150,00 cm