Training Vehicle - Configurator

Fully functional training vehicle made of a Volkswagen. Base vehicle: prepared for training purposes, numerous covers removed for easy access to all major components, Air Conditioning, Airbag (inactive), error free

  • Engine
  • Vehicle

THEPPRA training vehicles are always configured as you wish and contain detailed documentation. Please select engine and vehicle.

  • Overview
  • Features
  • Fully functional, prepared training vehicle
  • Prepared for training purposes, numerous covers removed, easy access to all essential components
  • Complete with air conditioning, ABS/ESP system, CAN network, SRS AIRBAG system (inactive) etc.
  • Control unit error-free
  • Possibility of exhaust emission test
  • Circuit diagrams, self-study program, detailed documentation on fault switching and diagnosis
  • Possible equipment
  • Fault packages for engine management, central electrical system/comfort, lighting, CAN bus, assistance systems
  • Measuring sockets as pin-outs to almost any sensor/actuator, 4mm sockets in the colors of the original circuit diagram
  • Measuring and breakout boxes for control devices such as: Motor, comfort, ABS, CAN gateway
  • Design as space-saving half-vehicle, cut-outs in the body
  • Accessories: Diagnostic system, Measuring instruments, Y-cables
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Category: Drive Technology
Item number: 79405100
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