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Individual engine training rig VW engine OBD, set up on a frame of an aluminium profile with large castors as well as all original components. Rotating or hot engine parts are protected accordingly. THEPPRA training engines are always configured as required and contain detailed documentation.

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  • At a glance
  • Features
  • The engine is fully equipped with all the necessary functional original components as compact system. The training engine has low mileage.
  • uilt on a frame made of aluminum profile with 4 large totalfeststellbaren castors.
  • Control panel with side lockable doors. A pull-out table is integrated which is suitable for testers or notebooks. The table top has a printed circuit diagram of the system and is laminated with a protective film.
  • The front panel consists of 6mm composite material is color printed and laminated with a protective film.
  • The engine has a residual bus simulation, whereby the engine control unit is completely free of errors.
  • Equipment
  • Original components, including valves, controls, immobilizer, ignition, wiring harness, diagnostic plug, fuel pump, fuel gauge, complete exhaust system. Rotating or hot engine parts are protected.
  • The exhaust system with catalyst is arranged so that the connection of the exhaust gas test devices is possible and easy.
  • min. 10 l Fuel tank
  • At the angular positioning of the control panel, the instrument cluster, the ignition switch, and a controller for speed simulation is mounted.
  • Electrical / electronic components such as controller, relay, fuel pump are mounted on a plate easily accessible at the side of the engine.
  • Under the engine an oil pan is attached.
  • The desired engine speed can be set via the continuously adjustable original accelerator pedal sensor.
  • Original diagnostic connector is mounted easily accessible and connected to the system.
Category: proline Series
Item number: 79301270
EQF-Level‍: Level 2Level 3Level 4
Power Supply‍: 12 V vehicle battery
Keyword‍: Motormanagement
Product weight‍: 310,00 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 169,00 88,00 152,00 cm
PDF Manual‍: 80 - 190 pages