It replaces the known viscous clutch in four-wheel drive (synchro).


As soon as a difference in speed comes about between the front and the rear axle, the swash plate turns in the housing. Fluid is pressed to the disk plunger by hydraulic pistons. The friction disks are pushed together, and force transmission comes about as a result of the friction. The slip can be varied with the help of an electronically controlled throttle valve.

Cut open parts:

  • differential housing
  • clutch housing
  • friction disks
  • pump plunger
  • hydraulic piston
  • electronic control unit
  • stepper motor
  • electric motor with inlet pressure pump and all the valves

The function of the pump plungers and the differential can be shown by turning on the gearbox flange.

Category: Drive Train
Item number: 79001241