EBS air brake system - Trailer

Trailers with EBS system WABCO: Supply and brake lines with spiral flexible pipes and coupling heads, dual-line dual-circuit brake system according EC, Electronic Brake System EBS, Electronically controlled air suspension ECAS, WABCO original trailer diagnostic connector, trailer supply cable with EBS plug

  • At a glance
  • Features
  • WABCO System - a ready to use and wheeled functional model incl. Voltage regulated 24 Volt (0-30V) 30 amp switching power supply, self-closing safety pneumatic clutches on all components, all required hose connections, data sheets, circuit diagram, Manual and Operating Instructions.
  • The structure of the trailer air brake system consists exclusively of original components of WABCO. To illustrate the EBS control processes the function model has two electrically driven wheel assemblies to simulate the trailer axle.
  • The flexible connections of the components ensure maximum freedom in the design of learning situations and action-oriented transfer of knowledge. The coloured hoses support a clear structured experimental setup.
  • For connection of suitable diagnostic equipment, the facility has a WABCO Trailer diagnostic interface. Equipped with two large pressure gauges and original test terminals, the test steps in the function and pressure-resistance test can be done in accordance with Annex 29 to traffic regulations.
  • The original WABCO diagnostic program, WABCO testers and presentation programs are available. The size was adjusted to the dimensions of a conventional 80 cm door. Thus, the structure within a building without problems can be moved and can be used in different places.
  • The Trailer EBS and ECAS system is fully functional and can be diagnosed. The full functionality of the trailer function model are only assured in connection with the tractor.
  • Components
  • Storage and brake line with spiral flexible pipes and coupling plugs
  • Two-circuit brake systems according to EC
  • EBS electronic braking system
  • Electronically controlled air suspension ECAS
  • Original WABCO trailer diagnostic connector
  • Trailer supply cable with EBS plug
  • Optional with Wabco Smart Board
  • Learning contents
  • Conducting maintenance, diagnosis and repair work on brake systems and networked systems
  • Identification of brake systems, analysis of functions and interaction with other systems
  • Limiting faults in brake systems
  • Evaluating the self-diagnosis of electronic brake energy control systems and networked systems
  • Link of control units, analysis of data exchange
  • Documentation of measured values, signals and error protocols
  • Using the possibilities of standard workshop diagnostic and information technology
  • Coding of control units, adaptation of software versions and testing of data communication lines
  • Comply with manufacturer-specific regulations for the replacement of worn and defective components
  • Carrying out a functional and pressure safety test SP in accordance with Annex VIII 29 StVZO
Category: Brakes and Chassis
Item number: 36020100
EQF-Level‍: Level 2Level 3
Product weight‍: 220,00 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 87,00 147,00 197,00 cm
PDF Manual‍: 39 pages