This is a cutaway model of an automobile drivecalled "Hybrid System Car". The model is sectioned to show its components, parts and the operation mechanism. Students can easily understand and observe the automotive mechanism, such as engine generator, motor, reduction gear and drive shaft. 2 different types of power sources, gasoline engine and 3-phase AC electric motor, are operable and the operation is displayed on the rear panel. Various operation principles like starting, normal running, high load, reducing speed and charging conditions are also explained on the rear panel. HV Battery Assembly (HV = hybrid vehicle) is installed on the back of the engine.

As shown on the above picture, automobile engine & motor can be simulated by electric motor at the lower side. Actual parts as equipped on the Prius, such as engine, power split device, electric motor, inverter and battery, are sectioned and painted in different colour and installed on the trestle. The model is designed to operate by AC 230V electric motor. Students can perform and observe the operation of engine and/or motor by on-off switch on the front side.

Technical data:
Supply Voltage: 230V (115V on demand!)

Category: Engine Technology
Item number: 79301103
Keyword‍: E-Mobility
Product weight‍: 230,00 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height )‍: 125,00 125,00 150,00 cm