Automatic sequential six-gear transmission Mercedes-Benz

The automated, sequential six-gear transmission developed from the classical six-gear manual transmission is controlled by the engine management.


With the help of a hydraulic piston, 2 gears can be shifted on each shift level. To change to another shift level, a gate sleeve, which had been able to rotate loosely up to then, is arrested by a second hydraulic piston. In this way, the old gear is firstly removed and then the selector shaft turned onto a different shift level by a pin in the arrested gate sleeve when the inlet selector shaft is displaced by the first hydraulic piston. Now, shifting into the next gear is possible The installation of a gearshift rod with a button and a mechanical clamping lever means that all the gears can be shifted and the function of the hydraulic controls demonstrated.

The following are cut away:

transmission housing front and back, hydraulic pump with electric engine, hydraulic unit and the hydraulic pressure accumulator.

Category: Drive Train
Item number: 79001282